She gave us so much affection

We are talking about early days and for me early days were the spring and summer of 1977. What was special was that Shri Mataji had just a few Sahaja Yogis. She was trying to bring them up to the level where they could be strong enough, so we could then expand our collectivity. When I arrived there were perhaps about six or seven people — I was probably the eighth. Some of us who came in those days have left. I remember how She worked on an Australian boy, Gus, for so many weeks. She took him home, She looked after him and She cured him. He was like an encyclopedia of drugs, really bad. He had so many problems and She worked on him day in and day out, every day. She never spared any effort. The most extraordinary thing is that She gave him all Her love and, after three months, he just left. He left Sahaja Yoga. When you look at it from our point of view, he wasted Mother’s efforts. But She never actually talked about it that way. She just gave love and there was no condition put on that love.

The most extraordinary thing about Shri Mataji is and was Her capacity as a Mother to nourish the Sahaja Yogis who came at that time, to nourish them with enough love so they stayed in Sahaja Yoga, so they felt, “Maybe She gives us what we didn’t have,” so as Sai Nath of Shirdi said, “We may want what She wants to give us.” She worked tirelessly, taking us to Her home. She never hesitated to cook for us. Just think, the Adi Shakti in Her home, cooking for the few of us. There may have been seven, eight, nine, even ten Sahaja Yogis. She would, Herself, cook food for us because obviously She wanted to put those vibrations in our Nabhis and improve our Nabhis, which were in such a state. It was so great, the way She actually received us in Her home, whether it was the house She had in Hurst Green or in the flat in Ashley Gardens. She did everything for us and gave us so much affection.
Djamel M.


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