She never tired of clearing us out

We were all sitting in a line. Somebody had a hand on Shri Mataji and we all had one hand on each other. The end person had their hand out of the window and we were just sitting there and it just went on hour after hour after hour. And eventually, we all fell asleep. And I woke up early in the morning and we were all lying, still holding on to each other. I looked up and Shri Mataji was sitting, watching me and She said, “Ready? Okay, let’s carry on.” A lot of it I remember as being quite hard work. It was really quite difficult at times, quite painful. But it was always magical. A lot of clearing out went on.
Pat A.

Then in the afternoon She would say, “Okay, you should go and watch a movie,” to have a change of atmosphere. But She would work actually virtually twenty-four hours. How many human beings are capable of doing that? So She put so much love into us and She worked so hard and yet we were really — we had our own problems. We were far from perfect and yet She always had this sort of love for us. She always received us. If you think of all the love She has given us — as She Herself said later on, “If you can’t love others, considering the love I give you, you can’t love anyone” — and it is true because the love She gave us was so powerful. There was so much of it and She showed it at every single moment. She never tired of loving every one of us and She never tired of clearing us out. Every time we went to see Her, She always looked at our vibrations. She always worked on us. It was a non-stop job for many years.
Djamel M.

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