The first mobile phone

In 1986 there was the first New Year Puja at Alibagh. A miracle took place in the house. Shri Mataji reached there around 7.00p.m. from Ganapathiphule, and many other Western yogis too. When Mother stepped out of the car She was so surprised.
‘This place is so beautiful. I always wanted to come here,’ She said. Mother went into the bedroom and said to the other yogis, ‘I must tell Sir CP about this place and he must come and visit it.’ She asked one of the yogis if somebody could get Her a phone as She wanted to call Mumbai. Since it was not a developed village there were no phones. Then She asked Mr Koli for a coconut. He asked Shri Mataji if She wanted to eat one and She said She did not, but She wanted a fresh one from the tree. A village boy climbed up and got Mother one in ten minutes and gave it to Shri Mataji. She went into Her room and closed the door.
Many country leaders were sitting in the hall outside, and after an hour one of the leaders came and said that Shri Mataji was using the coconut as a phone and they had heard She was speaking to Sir CP for nearly an hour. Later the yogis found out that this was the year that mobile phones first came out.

Lena K.


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