A lady in a spotted sari with a beige Mercedes

Not long before I met Shri Mataji, when I was five years old, my parents and I were going through a very rough patch in our lives and I had a dream that this Indian lady, who I later realised was Shri Mataji, was standing at the prow of a barge looking at me. She said with great love in Her eyes:
“Don’t worry, I’ll come and get you soon.” In the dream She was wearing a sari which had spots on it and I remembered it very clearly. I also had another dream where She came to see us in a beige Mercedes.

My parents went to meet Shri Mataji down in London. I didn’t go down there, but Mother came up to our house in Scotland with a lot of the Sahaja Yogis. I was only very small then, but knew that She was a great person.

When She arrived, Her car pulled up and it was a beige Mercedes. This was 1979. She got out of the car and She was wearing exactly the same sari as She had been wearing in the dream, so I knew exactly who She was.

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