This is Nirmal Vidya

Shri Mataji would explain how we have to remain in the collectivity and behave as Sahaja Yogis. She always gave and is giving importance to meditation. She made all of us meditate and one by one put attention on all the chakras. This Mooladhara and then you go upwards and so on.

“This is nirmal vidya and nobody has taught Me all this, nor have I read any book,” She would say. “I have meditated on each chakra and discovered the secrets of each one, like Mooladhara, what it looks like, what are the qualities and so on. Every night I would meditate for eight hours. I have worked hard for all of you and now you have to work hard and meditate in the morning. I work eight hours on every chakra. I would request you people to work for one hour on every chakra for eight days and then move on. Like every morning, meditate for one hour on Mooladhara for eight days and then move on to Swadisthana and so on. Then you all will learn the secrets and the shakti of all the chakras.”



  1. linda williams

    Hello all,
    This is more or less what is in volume 1 of the recollections of our Holy Mother. The big problem with this sort of thing, when a story like this is taken out of context, is that people will start trying to do all these things, whereas if you read the book you will see that Shri Mataji tried out all sorts of things before Sahaja Yoga came to be like it is today. Someone should contact this person and tell them to put at the bottom of this that we should not consider this is what we must do nowadays. This is how SY gets so distorted, and people can become very fanatic due to partial knowledge of this kind.
    I am the editor of the recollections books, and was very grateful for the beautiful stories Raolbai gave me, BUT THEY MUST BE TAKEN IN CONTEXT,
    best wishes Linda

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