A very ordinary camera

Mother had gone to Lucknow to attend a marriage, in 1989. When Shri Mataji came back to Delhi, the flight was delayed and we had arranged a public programme for Shri Mataji in Noida. By nine o’clock Shri Mataji had still not arrived, because of the delayed flight. At nine thirty, Shri Mataji came and addressed the audience, and said She was happy that they had waited so long for Her, and apologised for the unavoidable delay. But Mother is never away from Her children. She is always there.

This point was proved after a few days. A few photographs were taken by Raja Ch.’s father with a very ordinary camera. When the pictures came out and were printed, Shri Mataji was present at that place, Noida, at about eight o’clock. At that time Shri Mataji was in the air, in the plane. In the pictures Mother was on the stage at Noida, and those pictures were taken much earlier. In one of the photos you can see the people preparing the garlands and the aarti tray on the stage, and if Mother had been visible to those people, this would not have been going on.

G.K. D.


  1. sanjay talwar

    Yes Datta Uncle, I remember this happening. I was at the Doordarshan Tv Station at that time, trying ot get the Coverage for the public program. Later, after the program, I was at Shri Mataji’s feet with some other yogis and she was explaining rto everyone, how She existed beyond form. The camera could catch, but the human eye cannot. She was talking about those doubting thomases to whom She wanted to reveal the truth. I can never forget that day.
    Sanjay Talwar

  2. Susmita

    Some sahaja yogi’s are very lucky. They met shri mataji. I really love her but unfortunately i never met her.
    I feel like i will meet her one day somehow somewhere 🙂

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