I am here for you

In December 1984 I was taking part in the annual tour of India with Shri Mataji and about two hundred Sahaja Yogis. I had been very struck by the enormous respect and adoration in which the Indian Sahaja Yogis held Shri Mataji. In Vaitarna, a village some distance from Mumbai, the Indians had one day organized a procession in which Shri Mataji would be carried around the village on an ox-cart, decorated with garlands. The Sahaja Yogis, western and Indian, danced around the cart as it advanced through the village streets accompanied by local musicians.

I started to dance and gradually approached Shri Mataji’s ox-cart. Shri Mataji saw me and greeted me with the gesture of namaste. I approached the ox-cart and started to walk alongside. From the ox-cart, Shri Mataji extended Her hand and I approached closer to kiss it. At this moment the cart wheel, wooden with an iron rim, ran over my foot.  ‘It’s nothing, it’s nothing,’ I said to all those around who were looking at me, horror-stricken. Some people carried me under a tree where one Sahaja Yogini, a nurse, tried to stop the bleeding and an English doctor stitched my foot up. Mr. Pradhan, the leader of the Vaitarna Sahaja Yogis, came over to see me.

‘Shri Mataji is very sorry for what happened,’ he said. ‘She sends Her vibrations and tonight She will work on your foot.’
Mr. Pradhan returned to tell me that Shri Mataji was too tired. She would work on me the next day. I was taken in a jeep back to the bungalow where we were staying. Unknown to me, Shri Mataji was staying in the same bungalow. Next morning, I was sitting in my sleeping bag in the little corridor where we slept, suddenly everyone stood up. Shri Mataji was there. I also tried to stand up. Shri Mataji came towards me.

‘I am here for you,’ She said. ‘Come to my room.’ I followed Her, hopping on my good foot. The other had swollen up and I could not put my weight on it. Shri Mataji, conversing with me all the while, began to give vibrations to my foot. Having first assured Her that I could move all my toes, She put Her foot on top of mine, at first horizontally, pressing on the toes, and then pressing first on one side of my foot and then on the other, vertically. Her foot was completely pressed against mine and I not only felt the vibrations on my foot, but I had the impression that my foot had become a band of vibrations after some time.

‘Go now and don’t think any more about it,’ She said. Having entered Mother’s room hopping, I left it walking normally, without feeling any pain.
Sandra C.

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