I lost any awareness of time and place

I was very young in Sahaja Yoga and I was on the India tour with Shri Mataji for about five weeks. It was round about 1984/5. We were in Brahmapuri, staying in a big tent. The Krishna river is there. Every day we had a bath in the river and washed our saris and dried them on the stones. On the other side of the river we could see an old castle and we heard that Shri Mataji was staying there. One day we were on the river and I had bathed, foot soaked, meditated, and I had only one dry sari left. I put it on and we heard that Shri Mataji was coming to the river.

We were all very excited. She came, sat down on a stone and put Her Feet into the river. Then whoever wanted, could come and do namaste to Her Feet. To begin with I was worried that my sari would get wet and I would have nothing to wear, so I lifted my sari up. I was in the water up to my knees and was concerned about getting wet. We were queuing and the nearer I came to Shri Mataji the more I became thoughtless sand didn’t worry. I put my whole head and body under the water and touched Shri Mataji’s Feet. The river went over me and I lost any awareness of time and place and I don’t know how long I was there under the water, without breathing.  After what seemed like a long time someone took my arm and said I could go to the side. I stepped aside and it was the next person’s turn. I was standing on the side of Shri Mataji, completely wet and completely thoughtless. It was a very deep experience for me.
Sabine H.

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