Only a Mother’s job

This is a story from 1973-4. My mother was just recently introduced to Sahaja Yoga and to Shri Mataji. She was at the early stages of experiencing vibrations, experiencing within herself. At that time my parents were living in Ambanath, which is a suburb of Mumbai, and one day  someone rang the doorbell and my mum opened the door, and there was a sadhu or sanyasi wearing saffron robes. He presented himself and said that his guru had sent him because he had heard that my mother was a disciple of Shri Adi Shakti. My mother was dumbfounded because she didn’t expect anyone to come and ring the doorbell and say that. So my mum gave him self realisation, took his contact details and reported this to Shri Mataji.

In fact after a few months  Shri Mataji came to our home in Ambanath and wanted to meet this person. And here he was,  with his guru, and Shri Mataji has told this story in many of Her speeches. This guru was one of the Naonath, that is one of the nine great masters who stay in the Himalayas. He was a disciple of this great master, and then Shri Mataji went to his ashram. We noticed that this man was very silent, very humble, and very respectful  towards Shri Mataji, and this was because he had a total recognition  of who Shri Mataji was. We had a whole night of bhajans and all the night he was just silent, watching Shri Mataji’s Lotus Feet very very respectfully, as if he was doing some kind of a puja within his heart.

At the end he opened up a little bit and said ‘only You can do this job of giving Self Realisation.’ He said he had no hope for human beings and Shri Mataji asked why that was. He said that there were two of his disciples, who after many years of his training, of his meditation, were still smoking and still had a very bad agnya chakra. He didn’t know how to open it and could not forgive them. He said it was only a mother’s job to help them. So of course Shri Mataji promptly opened their agnya chakra and gave them Self Realisation.

These two disciples came running to Shri Mataji’s Feet and thanked Her, and said that their guru was very strict with them. In fact one of the disciples was hung upside down over a well because he was caught smoking. So this was a big memory which is very close to my heart, our first exposure of who Shri Mataji really was.

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