Powerful meditation

During a meditation after the Lord’s Prayer, I saw a very strong bright light pass through the Agnya chakra, at the level of the forehead. I didn’t feel my body any more. It was silent. I had entered into the Kingdom of God.
The greatest experience I had was to see the manifestation of Shri Ganesha. lt is very difficult to meditate when the heart is closed. I begged Shri Ganesha, who is in all the chakras, to open my heart only for one minute just to express my love to You. Suddenly, a fireball, a warm light — I could really see it — raised from Mooladhara chakra at the base of the backbone to my heart and tears came out of my eyes. I cannot describe this feeling. Our quest is to become the Spirit. After a short time the fireball returned the same way, back to Mooladhara and I regretted so much to have only asked for one minute.
Brigitte S.


  1. abhay

    u would not have regretted sister because u knew shri ganesha was listenins so i think u wuda asked his help again i know its really joy giving when we feel our mother’s love in any form

  2. shraddha

    I have started meditation since jan’09.
    By the blessing of SHRI MATA JI, thing is changing positively.
    Thanks to share your experiences with us.
    I am seeking for that wonderful experince ,that u experienced.

    jai shri mataji

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