The Universe in the mouth

Shri Mataji came to New York in about 1982 approximately a year after I’d become a yogi. The local Sahaja Yoga leader had explained over the months that Shri Mataji works on several levels, both on the conscious and subconscious levels. She said that Shri Mataji often worked on us in the dream state, but sometimes we just imagined Shri Mataji was in our dreams. I didn’t really understand.
I was extremely excited and I dreamt of Her. The dream was set at a public programme and Shri Mataji turned and pointed Her right Visshuddhi (index) finger at me. This chakra is connected with Lord Krishna.

“Open your mouth!” She said in the dream. Her command was so direct that when I awoke, my mouth was wide open.

The day of Shri Mataji’s programme arrived and the question of Her presence in the dream kept surfacing. Finally, in my heart, I begged Shri Mataji to put the question to rest: ‘Were You really in my dream telling me to open my mouth?’

Shri Mataji proceeded with her talk but my internal questions kept surfacing. Then, amazingly enough, Shri Mataji began telling a story of little Lord Krishna. She spoke of how the mischievous toddler loved to steal the butter, thus weakening the strength of the devils who battled the righteous. Shri Mataji spoke of how one day Shri Krishna’s mother was preparing some food, when the butter disappeared. She asked him where the butter was and the ever-playful Shri Krishna shook His head.

“Open your mouth, open your mouth,” His mother commanded. In His mouth was the sight of the universe. Shri Mataji had given me my answer, not only the answer of my dream, but the answers of the universe.

America is the country corresponds to the Visshuddhi chakra as far as the world goes. It is at the level of the throat in the body, and of course this is the chakra of Shri Krishna.
Andrea C.

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