The most beautiful moment of my life

This is a beautiful memory from the 1985 India Tour, at Brahmapuri. We were camping beside the river and it was the most beautiful idyllic camping site. In the morning we all went down to the river and a rumour went around that Shri Mataji was arriving. So we made a path of coloured saris and shawls all along the embankment for Shri Mataji to walk on. We waited, and just as we had decided that Shri Mataji was not coming after all, She arrived. The path of coloured cloth was thrown down again and everyone reassembled. Shri Mataji sat with Her Feet in the water and one by one we went to Her Feet. She then told us to get into the river downstream of Her Feet. The river was pouring over Her Feet and then over us. We immersed ourselves completely and the blue sky was full of vibrations and the river sparkled as it flowed over Her Feet. It was the most beautiful moment of my life.

Sarah F.

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