I dreamt Shri Mataji kissed me and embraced me …

Then my dream came true when I went to India. I could only stay for one month, instead of two months, the normal length of those early tours, I went to explain to Shri Mataji that I had to leave early. Shri Mataji asked me to come and sit next to Her while She ate Her lunch. She held my hand. Whilst talking to other people in the room as well, She’d turn around and chatted to me and asked me whether I’d bought my husband a nice present and how my children were. I had never told Her I had children and a husband and nor had anyone else, as far as I know. I live in Australia. I sat for about twenty minutes, then all of a sudden She turned around and said:
“Go on, give me a kiss.”

She put Her arms around me and I responded likewise. She kissed my cheek and me Hers. I felt Her hair on my cheeks and was in such bliss that I can’t remember leaving Her presence, only arriving back in the adjoining room.
Wendy B.

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