I’ve found this new sort of yoga

The area where I used to live was round by Euston, near Tolmers Square in London and that area was a sort of high energy area. There were a lot of squatters and things like that there. We had a little community club there and one day in 1973 this fellow turned up, Mukund Shah, to teach us yoga. Over a year he tried all sorts of different yogas and meditations and then one day he went to see Shri Mataji and, because he had so much experience of so many sorts of yoga, he tended to be a bit skeptical and he felt vibrations, but not to sort of quantify it.

So he had this group of half a dozen of us that he used to teach yoga. So he said, “Look, I’ve found this new sort of yoga and all we have to do is sit down in front of this photograph of Shri Mataji and put your hands to it.” And he produced a little black and white photograph. It wasn’t much bigger than a postcard. And we sat there in his rather cold, drafty, old bank that we used to use as a social club and we sat there with our hands like this before Shri Mataji’s photograph. There was about five or six of us. And he came round and felt our hands and asked us what we felt and we all felt different sorts of things because we were all in different sorts of states of awareness due to what we’d done before. And anyway, we all obviously felt something and he said, “You get these vibrations from Shri Mataji. Would you like to come and meet Her at the Bharata Vidya Bhavan?” which was, at that time, on New Oxford Street.

The following Friday, we went off to the Bharata Vidya Bhavan. We met Shri Mataji and we sat at the back and listened to what She had to say and we realized it was something really nice. She was working on somebody at the time. We were aware that it was something special, but we had an inkling of what it might be, but weren’t prepared to admit to anybody, least of all ourselves, that we had actually met Adi Shakti. But I think, basically, we knew that it was special.

We went to Bharata Vidya Bhavan about two or three times and then, because the series was over, we moved to a house in Clare Court, Judd Street, where Mukund Shah used to live, just over the road from Kings Cross. We had a few meetings there and Shri Mataji told us about raising kundalini and this was one of the first experiences we had of actually hearing through Sahasrara.

She told us all our Sahasraras were open and She said, “Put your hands over your ears and cover them up completely and you’ll still be able to hear Me.” And we could. We had our hands over our ears and we could actually clearly hear what Shri Mataji was saying because we were hearing through our Sahasraras. Our Sahasraras had actually opened. So that was perhaps the first amazing experience, apart from feeling the vibrations, that we all had.

Douglas F.

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