This was the colour of Shri Mahalaxshmi

It was 1989 when I was on the India tour, when we were at Brahamapuri, which was the Krishna River, and I had the opportunity to walk close to Shri Mataji. She did some footage for a video, and I put my shawl on a rock where She was going to sit down. She vibrated it, and when I put it on afterwards it felt like being wrapped up in the whole universe – there were so many vibrations.
We followed Her back, and She was barefoot. She stopped and looked at the sky. She told us to look at the sky, and the sky changed through about eight different colours in about thirty seconds. At the end it turned this very dark pink colour.
‘That is Me. When you see that colour, know that I am there,’ She said, and this was the colour of Shri Mahalaxshmi.

Mohan G.

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