We felt what Shri Mataji felt

We were painting various bits of the house in Hurst Green in Sussex in about 1974. Now, one particular experience that I remember was that Shri Mataji went out with Sir, then Mr., Srivastava to go to a meeting, a reception of some sort. He was at that time the directorgeneral of IMCO, International Maritime Consultative Organization, and She left us. We were just cleaning this wall and painting it. About halfway through the night, we suddenly got this terrific headache and it felt really strange, but we just carried on working. So it passed.

So when Shri Mataji came home and asked us how we were, I said, “I got this really terrible headache halfway through. I didn’t know what was happening.” She said, “Oh, what happened was that we were at this reception and somebody, by mistake, gave me a glass of wine and I drank it.” So what happened was we felt the effects of the wine that Shri Mataji drank because it had an effect on the unconscious and we actually felt it from Her. So obviously, at that time, we were in such deep meditation that we actually felt what Shri Mataji felt through the collective unconscious. That was quite an amazing experience.
Douglas F.

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