Love flowed along that road

I had been given Realization in South Africa, where Shri Mataji had not visited. I had the good fortune of being in our Holy Mother’s presence for the first time on the India tour in 1990 – ’91. I was looking forward to the tour immensely. We were met in Mumbai by some yogis and then after a day or two, while we waited for everyone to arrive, we were taken by bus up beyond Pune, far up in the hills where Shri Mataji had bought some land for Sahaja Yoga. We were to camp there on a high hill overlooking a valley and it was really lovely. We caught all the breezes and had this wonderful view. On arriving at the camp, we settled into the pendals provided.

Later that day, we were to meet Shri Mataji. It had been arranged for Her to arrive in a jeep, all decorated in flowers and banana leaves by the local villagers. We all lined ourselves along the sides of the country road below the hill, waiting for the jeep to arrive. Anticipation was in the air. We could hear the drums being beaten and the school children danced around the jeep as it slowly wound its way along the road toward us. Love flowed along that road and I was holding out my hands towards Shri Mataji, hoping to feel the cool breeze flowing.

As the jeep drew nearer, I was surprised to feel the cool breeze, not only on my hands, but on my feet as well. Shri Mataji looked so cool and loving, smiling so beautifully for Her children. The jeep passed us and continued on the road, turning onto a smaller track to wind its way slowly up the hill. As the jeep drove up this hill, the track zig-zagged and we started to follow behind it, but we did not have to follow the track, instead we could make a straight line up the hill and therefore see Shri Mataji at every bend in the road. It was just like that, with all the yogis and yoginis in their saris and kurtas walking up this hill in small groups, here and there, with the local villagers mixing with us and following our Holy Mother as well.

Margaret F.

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