Shri Mataji translated the movie

It was the beginning of 1981 and we went to see a movie with Shri Mataji in Pune. There were about thirty of us from Australia on that first tour where there were buses. Shri Mataji told us all to go to this movie theatre one evening. She was supposed to come too, but the movie started and She had not yet arrived, so we all sat down. About ten minutes into the movie Shri Mataji arrived and She came and sat between my husband, then fiancé, Paul and myself. All through the movie She translated, because it was a Hindi movie. She told him the plot, who the villain was and what was happening. She laughed and laughed and it was absolutely wonderful. When She sat down, She put Her glasses on, and it struck me that this was such a human thing to do. It was a very enjoyable evening.
Caroline H.

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